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Win Pinata Millions at Jackpot Pinatas Online Slot

March 31, 2016 Category :Games Off

Jackpot Piñatas is a brilliant progressive slot that could well change your life in one spin of Piñata magic. This colorful and vibrant slot from US real money casino experts RTG (Realtime Gaming) boasts a massive seven figure jackpot at the time of writing worth almost $1.8m! If you like the sound of winning almost $2m from the comfort of your own home with just one spin of a great slot, read on for the lowdown on Jackpot Piñatas.

If you’ve played many of RTG’s exciting slots you’ll recognize the format and gameplay of this five reel, 20 line progressive. It looks, feels and sounds just like many of the other great slots produced by RTG and that means you’ll instantly feel at home, whilst even if you’re new to such slots, the simple and intuitive gameplay makes things very quick and easy to grasp.

In order to get your hands on the $1.8m progressive jackpot you’ll need to get five of the bull piñata symbols on a valid payline. We said “valid payline” but in actual fact all lines will be in play on all spins because – and this is the only real downside of Jackpot Piñatas – the slot has a fixed $5 spin value which is 25 cents per line for all 20 lines.

Whilst no other win will really come close to the main jackpot, there are still huge wins available for the other piñatas, with five donkey piñatas paying out 20,000 credits and five dog piñatas a still-generous 1,000.

The donkey is actually the wild in general play, swapping for all other symbols aside from the other two piñatas. Similarly, as well as landing you a huge win, the dog piñata is the scatter/bonus symbol, with three of these landing you a win of three credits but, far more importantly, also entering you into the excellent bonus feature.

In our opinion the bonus on Jackpot Piñatas is one of the best around, mainly because it comes in two stages. First you get to two of the three displayed piñata symbols, revealing cash prizes worth up to 200 times your initial bet. Then should one of your picks contain a rose you’ll win an extra bonus round. If you don’t find a rose you’ll go to the free spins round, and with up to 25 free spins available, plus double prizes and extra piñatas, you could end up with a monster of a win.

As said, Jackpot Piñatas is a great slot so with the amazing progressive jackpot and bonus feature detailed above, why not see for yourself?

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Slots Tips: How to Win at Online Slots

February 3, 2016 Category :General Off

Playing real money online slots is great fun and it’s even more fun if you can win a few bucks doing it too. In truth there is no guaranteed way to win at slots – despite what some sites may claim, especially if they’re trying to sell you the magic technique – because if there was, clearly we’d see a lot of broke casinos and a lot of rich customers. However, what we offer here are a few pointers designed to help those new to slots enjoy their play, improve their chances of making a profit and get the most out of online slots.

Perhaps the easiest way to increase your chances of winning, in the long term, is to only play slots that offer a high RTP (Return To Player) rate. The RTP is expressed as a percentage and is usually between 85% and 95%, meaning that for every $100 a player puts into a machine they can expect on average (and in the very, very long term) to get between $85 and $95 back.

Whilst we must emphasize that this is the average return and that even if you put $10,000 into a slot there is no guarantee you will get anything like $8,500 (or more) back, it makes obvious sense that playing a slot with a high RTP gives you the best chance of winning.

Some slots have an RTP of 97% or even higher so hunt these ones out by asking the casino’s customer service team if necessary and automatically your chances of winning are improved.

These slots are also great for clearing the wagering requirements of the welcome bonuses that all the best USA slots sites offer their new customers and using casino bonuses is another way to improve your chances of success playing online slots. That said, you should be careful about what bonuses you accept because some less scrupulous online casinos have bonuses that may look good at first glance but have such tough wagering terms that making a profit becomes very tricky. Note that all of the sites we feature here have fair terms, although some are better than others.

Finally, and probably most crucially, comes the simplest advice of all and it comes in two parts. Never chase losses and quit whilst you’re ahead. Losing more than you can afford to in a desperate attempt to claw back losses is a terrible feeling, whilst losing profits because you got greedy and didn’t walk away is almost just as bad.

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Using a Staking Plan to Play Online Casino Games

January 6, 2016 Category :General Off

Many casino players, be they online or offline, don’t have much of a plan when it comes to playing, instead simply hitting the tables and trusting the outcome to a combination of luck and instinct. In many ways that is a good approach, because playing at a real money casino should only ever be viewed as fun, not an investment strategy or a guaranteed way to make money. That said, winning is all part of the fun and a staking plan can go some way towards improving your chances of reaching your aims, whilst also helping you to enjoy a good amount of table time.

What is a Staking Plan?

A staking plan is a method of controlling your stakes, so rather than just betting however much you fancy on a given spin or hand, you work to a defined system. Going with your gut isn’t the worst thing in the world but it can mean you lose all your money very quickly, risk more than you should or alternatively bet so little it’s hard to ever accumulate a good profit.

Flat Stakes

One option, and possibly the best for those whose aim is to just play over a good length of time and have fun, is to just bet the same amount on every hand or spin. Say your bankroll is $100, you might decide to bet $5 on every hand and not alter from that. Playing this way it would take quite a bad run of luck for you to use your entire bankroll quickly, thus guaranteeing you a decent stint in the casino.

Negative Progression

A negative progression plan means that you increase your stakes when you are losing. The Martingale is the most famous example of this and whilst it can help you recover from losses quickly, it also means you can lose your money very quickly and also that this will happen at the time you can least afford it – when you are already down.

Positive Progression

We favor a positive progression system, which sees you increase your stake when you are winning. Some people may prefer to bet small when they are winning to preserve their profit but by increasing your stake you give yourself a better chance of hitting a target profit and you also roughly maintain the proportion of your bankroll that you are risking at any one time.

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Silver Oak Casino Bonuses and Information

May 1, 2015 Category :Featured Casinos Off

When you first visit Silver Oak Casino you will find a well laid out site that presents the information you need in an efficient and no-nonsense manner. But it is when you delve into what the online casino offers players that they really become very appealing. Here we give you details of some of their plus points which will hopefully give you all the reasons you need to give Silver Oak Casino a try.

$10,000 Welcome Bonus

To kick things off, here are 10,000 reasons to consider paying Silver Oak a visit. New customers to Silver Oak Casino can take advantage of a 10-stage bonus that gives you a 100% match of each of your first 10 deposits up to $1,000 each time. With a 30x wagering requirement for slots players and 60x for those opting to play table games, it is a competitive and generous welcome offer to say the least.

When making your deposits you will need to use the bonus code that corresponds to which number deposit it is. That is to say, use promo code SIVLEROAK1 for your first deposit, SILVEROAK2 for your second, and so on up to SILVEROAK10 for your 10th.

Existing Customer Offers

The fun and generosity doesn’t stop the moment you’ve signed up – as with some casinos! There are plenty of ongoing promotions and bonuses to get stuck into once you’ve taking advantage of the initial welcome bonus. For instance there is a cashback promotion for deposits of $1,000 and over that is worth up to 60%, while each month one lucky player will be picked at random to win a fantastic $10,000 bonus, just for playing some of the great games on offer.

Fine Range of Top Games

Which brings us onto the games available to play at Silver Oak Casino. As with many of the very best US-friendly online casinos, Silver Oak uses Real Time Gaming software to power their games. With a decent mix of 130 slots and table games to choose from, players can choose anything from the latest video slots to more traditional options such as craps and blackjack.

Customer Support

If something goes wrong, a casino is only really as good as the support it offers, and you can be reassured that Silver Oak pull out all the stop to offer a robust and efficient customer support service which is available 24/7. This is the cherry on top of a very tasty cake!