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Blackjack Tips

June 26, 2015 Category :Games Off

Most people play online blackjack and other casino games for fun but with any form of gambling, the fun derived from it is very closely linked to winning and making a few bucks certainly increases the levels of enjoyment. Read on for a few of our most simple, effective tips to help you win when playing online blackjack.

Blackjack Rules

Blackjack rules vary from one online casino to the next, and even at the same casino you may find different rule variants. The rules, for example whether you can double on any number or just 9, 10, 11 – or even just on 10 or 11 – have an impact on the house edge and it is this house edge that is most crucial to your chances of winning in the medium and long term.

As such, try to find a version of online blackjack with the most favorable rules you can, which means flexible doubling and splitting, full pay on blackjack, as few decks as possible and no crazy side bets, and you instantly reduce your reliance on luck to overcome the house edge and increase the odds that you’ll walk away richer.

Use Basic Strategy

The house edge stats only truly apply if you are employing basic strategy, the mathematically proven way to gain the best results from any situation. You don’t need to learn this as you can find full guides online or a number of great blackjack books and by using basic strategy you give yourself the very best chance to win, no matter what cards are dealt.

Use a Blackjack Casino Bonus

Most of the sites we feature here offer bonuses especially for fans of blackjack. These are rarely as generous as those for slots players but by using these blackjack bonuses you improve your chances of winning and if you place a few big bets at the start you could build up a nice stash to compete the bonus wagering.

Stop When You’re Winning

This is quite simply one of the oldest, most logical and simplest pieces of advice we can offer, and it is applicable to any casino game, including online blackjack. If you keep playing and playing and playing you WILL lose eventually and the only way to ever make a profit is to quit whilst you’re ahead.