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Some Basic Blackjack Strategy

March 23, 2014 Category :Games Off

BlackjackPlaying blackjack is a great way to have fun in your spare time but most players play to make money. Blackjack gives players the best chance of winning of all the casino games available, online or otherwise.

The house edge or casino’s advantage is virtually non-existent if you play the most advantageous form of online blackjack and stick to using Basic Strategy. By playing using the strategy set forth, the house edge is lowered to almost a non-existent percentage.

What is Basic Strategy?

Basic strategy is the mathematically proven optimum way of playing blackjack and tells you exactly what call to make in any given situation. Some of the things may appear counter-intuitive but the fact is that if Basic Strategy says “jump”, the smart blackjack player politely asks “how high?”

Learning and remembering Basic Strategy is not an easy task but thankfully there are handy guides that tell you exactly what to do depending on your cards and what the dealer has. When playing online it’s easy to refer to these charts and check whether you should hit or not on that three to the dealer’s two or if you should be splitting those nines.

What are the Fundamentals of Basic Strategy?

Playing online and referring to a Basic Strategy guide is really easy but if you’d prefer to play without checking you should at least be aware of the most central tenets that should steer you much closer to a zero house edge than just following your gut or following one of the various bad strategies (such as matching the dealer or staying whenever you could bust).

The simplest thing to remember is that if the dealer has a seven or up, you just keep hitting until you have 17 or above. If he’s showing a seven you have to hit on 16, even if you don’t want to! Okay, you’ll probably bust but if you don’t take a card the dealer probably wins anyway.

The next fundamental is to always stay whenever the dealer has a four, five or six or when the dealer has a three or a two unless you have a 12. No hitting on 12 if the dealer has four, five or six because, more than half the time, they’re going to bust anyway.

In addition, never split 10s, always split aces and eights and always double on 11 (even to an ace). If you follow these simple rules you’ll find your online blackjack sessions are longer and a whole lot more fun… not to mention profitable!

Check out our blackjack strategy guide and then head over to the best USA online blackjack casinos to try it out. By using this guide and chart you will improve your winning percentage at blackjack.

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Play Video Poker Online for the USA

March 15, 2014 Category :Games Off

Video PokerIf you live in the USA and like to play Video Poker, check out our listing of the best online video poker casinos. All the casinos we have listed accept USA players, get US deposits approved and offer the best selection of Video Poker Machines. Sign up through our website and claim a great bonus.

Video Poker is very popular and you will find a great selection of games like Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Aces and 8’s and many more at every casino. A great thing about playing video poker online is you can change the denomination of the bet right online at the machine you are playing and also play anywhere from 1 hand to 52 hands per game at most machines.

When playing video poker you should try to bet the maximum number of coins allowed. This is because many times you earn a bonus for playing at the top level. Just like  playing online slots, machines often offer a bonus when hitting the top paying combination if you playing the maximum bet. If playing the maximum bet is to expensive at your normal levels simply go down in your betting denomination. Instead of betting $1 per credit go down do 50 cents per credit. If you hit the jackpot you will be happy you did because in most cases you will receive a bonus.

As with all the online casinos we list, the video poker casinos we recommend get USA deposits approved. Getting a deposit approved can be the most frustrating part of trying to play. Luckily every casino we recommend does an outstanding job getting USA credit card deposits approved.

Also be sure to claim your Video Poker bonus. You can claim a great bonus on your first deposit and in most cases there will also be a bonus available for subsequent deposits. Be sure to check the casinos current promotions page before making a deposit to check for reload bonuses. Also most USA online casinos consider Video Poker a table game. When claiming your bonus be sure to claim the table games bonus and not the slots bonus to play Video Poker.

Good luck and we think you will enjoy playing video poker online at all the online casinos we recommend. Be sure to use our link to claim your bonus when signing up.

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Play the Top Games at the Best Casinos

February 16, 2014 Category :Games Off

BestPlay all the top casino games at the best USA online casinos available. Just because a casino may offer your favorite game, that does not mean that casino may necessarily be the best place to play it. We like to think the USA online casinos listed here on our website are the best online casinos available for United States players, but even with these casinos some do a better job than others when it comes to specific games. The main difference between casinos is when it comes to playing USA online slots and table games.

Some online casinos may offer the best table games on the Internet but may leave a little to be desired when it comes to playing real money slots. Just the opposite may be true as well. A casino can offer the most and best online slots but there may be better casinos to play table games. Many casinos specialize in certain areas of casino games. Some casinos place their focus on slots and others on table games. So if you are planning on playing only slots or only table games, check out the best 2014 USA online casinos we recommend for specific games.

If you are a slots player our best USA online casino is Jackpot Grand. Jackpot Grand offers a huge selection of online slot machines where you can play for just a few pennies per game or up to several dollars per spin. Because they focus on slots you can also claim one of the best slot bonuses available, a 400% match bonus up to $4000 on your first deposit. If you enjoy playing online slots see our Jackpot Grand Casino review and get started at what we feel is the best USA slots casino.

If you prefer table games we recommend Grand Parker. Grand Parker has every casino table game imaginable and some you may have never heard of. The graphics are outstanding and you can play either by downloading the casino or by using the instant play version of the software. Sign up through our website and you can claim a generous 125% match bonus up to $1250 on each of your first 4 deposits. For more information see our Grand Parker Casino review and sign up through our website to make sure you receive this generous bonus.

Many table game players really enjoy playing at USA live casinos where you can play against live dealers. Watch as the dealer deals your cards and plays out the hand over a live streaming feed. Play live dealer blackjack, live dealer baccarat and live dealer roulette at any of our recommended live casinos. The betting limits at the live casinos are also raised and you can bet up to $1000 per hand for blackjack and $5000 for baccarat and roulette. We like the BetOnline Casino for playing live games as the software is great and they offer easy deposits and fast withdraws. Check out the BetOnline Casino review for more information and head over to the live dealer tables.

If you want to get even more specific for table games we have our recommended casinos for the top and most popular games. Find our best online blackjack casinos, best online baccarat casinos and best online roulette casinos. If you want to throw some bones see our best online craps casinos and join the excitement that comes along with playing craps.

So if you are an avid player of a certain game see our most recommended casinos for each game. Be sure to use our links to make sure you are receiving the best bonuses when making a deposit. Once you find a casino that offers your game you can see all the USA casino reviews we offer for more detailed information on each casino.

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Play Baccarat from the USA

February 15, 2014 Category :Games Off

If you like to play baccarat, check all the online casinos that offer online baccarat and accept USA players. These are the best USA online casinos to play baccarat and all also do a great job getting USA credit card deposits approved and send withdraws quickly. Use any of our recommended online baccarat casinos and you will have a great time.

Baccarat TableBaccarat is one of the most popular casino games both online and at standard brick and mortar casinos. One reason for the game popularity is that it is very easy to learn and play. In baccarat there are only three different bets to make. Bet on the “Player”, “Dealer” or bet the game ends in a tie.

The object of baccarat is score the highest hand. There are two hands dealt, one to the Player and one to the Banker. You place your bets on either the Player or Banker depending on who you think will win the game. You can also bet that the game ends in a tie and that pays 8:1. A winning Player bet pays even money or 1:1 and a winning Dealer bet pays 11:10. The casino makes their money by the dealer winning the hand as they take a 5% commission from every winning bet.

The winning hand is determined by the cards drawn by both the Dealer and Player. All face cards count as Zero and Aces count as 1 point. All other cards are face value. At the end of the game the person (the Player or Banker) with the highest hand wins the game. If either the Dealer or Player are dealt a total of 8 or 9 on their first two cards this called a Natural and the hand ends there. If the player and banker both end the game with the same score it is a tie and the tie bet is paid off and the Player and Banker bets are returned as a push.

Play online baccarat at any of recommended casinos or if you want to play against a live dealer check out our live dealer baccarat casinos. In live baccarat you can watch the dealer in real time over a live streaming feed as he/she deals the cards and plays out the game. The USA live casinos we recommend also offer higher betting limits for Baccarat. Bet as much as $5000 per hand at the live casinos.

So whether you are new to Baccarat or a seasoned player, use any of our recommended casinos and have a great time. Good luck at the tables!

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Playing Blackjack

January 15, 2014 Category :Games Off

BlackjackBlackjack (or 21 as it is sometimes called) is by far the most popular casino table game in the USA. One reason it is so popular is that it gives the player the best chances of winning as it is the casino table game with the least edge to the house. Knowing the strategies on when to hit, when to stand, when to double down, and when to split cards can narrow the house advantage to less than 2%.

First let’s look at the fundamentals of blackjack. The cards 2 through 10 are worth their face value with Jacks, Queens, Kings worth 10 and Aces which can be worth 1 or 11 depending on what is best for your hand.

The object of the game is to draw cards and be closer to 21 than the dealer without going over 21. Blackjack is when your first two cards equal 21, for example, an Ace and a King. This pays 3:2 so on a $10 bet you would get $15 in return plus your original $10. If the dealer also has 21 on his first two cards your bet would push (or tie).

Once you are dealt two cards you have to decide whether to hit, stand, double down or split. This is where the advanced strategy comes into play. There is no way to give all scenarios in this article, but I can’t impress upon you how important it is to “play by the book” if you want to be a successful blackjack player in the long run. There are all kinds of websites out there that explains this strategy in detail. Once you get used to when to hit or stay it’s not all that hard. It just takes a little practice which of course you can do for free at any of the online casinos on our website.

Two ways to win big in blackjack is by doubling down and splitting cards. Doubling down is when you double your original bet after seeing your first two cards and then receiving just one more card. The strategy here is that you can see your cards and one of the dealers cards. Typically you would only double down if your two cards equal 10 or 11 (sometimes if your cards equal 9) and the dealer has any card other than an Ace or a face card if you have 10. Again, make sure you know exactly when to double down and when to just hit or stand.

The other way to really win big is by splitting your first two cards. This can only be done if your cards are the same denomination. For example the best cards to split are Aces. You then place a bet the same size as the first one and play two separate hands. The dealer will split the cards for you and deal another card on each Ace. You may decide to hit or stand on any two cards you split except Aces. You only get one card on each Ace.

If you want to play Blackjack check out our listings of USA online casinos which offer this fun and exciting game. You can claim a great bonus by signing up to play Blackjack (and all other casino games) through our website. With the best odds for the player you have a great chance of winning money with this exciting game.