Blackjack Strategy Guide

By using the proper strategy when playing blackjack you can lower the house edge (or advantage) to almost zero. While it is hard to remember what to do on every hand, it easy to reference the below chart. When you are playing blackjack, online or at a land based casino, be sure to check the below chart to see if you should hit, stand, double or split. By following the below blackjack strategy guide you will see your winning streaks much longer and your losing streaks much shorter. If you want the best chance of winning when playing blackjack, be sure to follow the strategy chart for every hand.

Using the Blackjack Strategy Guide

When you are playing at online blackjack casinos it is easy to reference this guide by simply leaving this webpage open or printing out the actual strategy chart. If you are playing at a land based casino you can still the blackjack strategy chart. It is not illegal to use such a chart and most casinos do not care if you reference such a guide. Just be sure to be a little discreet about it. Keep the guide in pocket or purse and reference the chart when you need to. Do not lay the chart on the actual blackjack table or have it out during the entire time you are playing. As said most casinos do not mind if you use such a chart as long as you are discreet about it.

Blackjack Strategy Chart

Reference this chart to know when to hit, stand, double or split. By using this blackjack strategy chart your winning percentage playing blackjack will increase.

Blackjack Strategy Guide


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