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USA Online CasinosWe are happy you found our website eCasinosUSA.com and we wanted to introduce ourselves and explain a little more about our website and how we determine which online casinos to list here. After all, if you taking our word for which online casinos to send your money to, you should know a little about the people “behind the curtain”.

eCasinosUSA.com was launched in January 2014 as a guide to help fellow USA casino players choose a trustworthy and reputable online casino. My name is Travis and I have been gambling online for over 2 decades. I am the creator and publisher of this website and have several contributors who also write news articles and posts here on this website. Between all of us we have been working and around the online gambling business for about 50 years.

First Came Poker

I personally am an avid online casino and poker player. I started out playing online poker more so than casino games and played about everyday. I really enjoyed playing online poker and used sites like “Party Poker” and “Paradise Poker” back in the “Good old days” of online poker. After the Passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), poker sites like the ones I used decided to longer allow USA players. As a result I started to play at other sites like FullTilt, Poker Stars and Ultimate Bet. Back then it wasn’t a big deal to switch poker rooms and I kept playing at these “new” sites and everything was good.

Then came “Black Friday” when the United States Department of Justice closed down FullTilt Poker and several other large online poker sites. All of the sudden I could not find a good online poker site to play at, and if I did many times they could not get a deposit approved for me to play. I bounced around the Internet trying to find a poker room where I could not only play online poker but also get deposits approved. This process went on for months and once I did finally find a few good poker sites I decided to share my knowledge and launched my first website. This website was dedicated to USA online poker and listed what I felt were the best online poker sites for USA players. The website was an instant success and many poker players took my recommendations and began playing at the online poker rooms which I had found and recommended.

Then Came Casino

With the success of the online poker site, many visitors of that site would email me and leave messages asking where they could play online casino games. At the time I did not know a great deal about online casinos because I mainly just played casino games at the poker rooms which offered them.

I then decided to do the same thing and searched the Internet for online casinos that accepted USA players. I must have signed up at over 30 different online casinos, and when I thought it was hard to get a poker deposit approved, making a deposit at the online casinos proved even harder.

After finding a handful of USA online casinos that I liked playing at and were able to get USA deposits approved, I created a page on my poker website which listed the online casinos I liked and recommended. Within a month that particular page was one of the busiest pages on my website. I continued adding to it and eventually decided to open a website dedicated to USA online casinos and listed the casinos I liked and played at.

As you can probably guess that website also became very popular and I continued to add to it and built what I thought was a great website. I still own that website today but now have taken what I learned from my first poker and casino websites and have applied them here to create eCasinosUSA.com.

About eCasinosUSA.com

Today I am full time webmaster and all I do is play at new online casinos and if the casino meets my criteria I add the casino here. I do have a few people who also play at the casinos to give a second opinion and provide a different point of view. Between all of us we have played at over 100 different online casinos and have the best of the best listed here on this website.

The online casinos we list not only accept USA players, but also do an outstanding job getting USA deposits approved. We play at every online casino to make sure deposits are easy to get approved and we also make numerous withdraws from each casino to make sure they pay quickly. The result is the few USA online casinos we have listed here that all have outstanding reputations for fair play, easy deposits and fast withdraws. In fact, every online casino we list has to be audited by a third party to ensure game fairness and the proper payout percentages.

We think by using any of the online casinos listed here you will have a great online experience and will play at the casinos time and again. Also because of the popularity of our websites, we have been able to negotiate bigger and better bonuses with almost every casino we list.

Sign up and play at any online casino we recommend here at eCasinosUSA and be sure to claim your bonus. We think you will enjoy hours of play at each and every casino we recommend. Beside just listing the casinos we have played at and recommend, we have also put together certain pages that we ourselves would look for in a website.

Find pages suggesting which online casinos are the best for playing certain games, which casinos get certain credit cards approved and many other important attributes of playing online. We have tried to make our website as easy to navigate as possible with listing the most important pages in the menu and the right sidebar but you can also use our sitemap to see all the pagesĀ  in an easy to read format. We hope you enjoy our website and good luck at the casinos!

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