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Using a Staking Plan to Play Online Casino Games

Posted on January 6, 2016 | Comments Off on Using a Staking Plan to Play Online Casino Games

Many casino players, be they online or offline, don’t have much of a plan when it comes to playing, instead simply hitting the tables and trusting the outcome to a combination of luck and instinct. In many ways that is a good approach, because playing at a real money casino should only ever be viewed as fun, not an investment strategy or a guaranteed way to make money. That said, winning is all part of the fun and a staking plan can go some way towards improving your chances of reaching your aims, whilst also helping you to enjoy a good amount of table time.

What is a Staking Plan?

A staking plan is a method of controlling your stakes, so rather than just betting however much you fancy on a given spin or hand, you work to a defined system. Going with your gut isn’t the worst thing in the world but it can mean you lose all your money very quickly, risk more than you should or alternatively bet so little it’s hard to ever accumulate a good profit.

Flat Stakes

One option, and possibly the best for those whose aim is to just play over a good length of time and have fun, is to just bet the same amount on every hand or spin. Say your bankroll is $100, you might decide to bet $5 on every hand and not alter from that. Playing this way it would take quite a bad run of luck for you to use your entire bankroll quickly, thus guaranteeing you a decent stint in the casino.

Negative Progression

A negative progression plan means that you increase your stakes when you are losing. The Martingale is the most famous example of this and whilst it can help you recover from losses quickly, it also means you can lose your money very quickly and also that this will happen at the time you can least afford it – when you are already down.

Positive Progression

We favor a positive progression system, which sees you increase your stake when you are winning. Some people may prefer to bet small when they are winning to preserve their profit but by increasing your stake you give yourself a better chance of hitting a target profit and you also roughly maintain the proportion of your bankroll that you are risking at any one time.

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