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Play Baccarat from the USA

Posted on February 15, 2014 | Comments Off on Play Baccarat from the USA

If you like to play baccarat, check all the online casinos that offer online baccarat and accept USA players. These are the best USA online casinos to play baccarat and all also do a great job getting USA credit card deposits approved and send withdraws quickly. Use any of our recommended online baccarat casinos and you will have a great time.

Baccarat TableBaccarat is one of the most popular casino games both online and at standard brick and mortar casinos. One reason for the game popularity is that it is very easy to learn and play. In baccarat there are only three different bets to make. Bet on the “Player”, “Dealer” or bet the game ends in a tie.

The object of baccarat is score the highest hand. There are two hands dealt, one to the Player and one to the Banker. You place your bets on either the Player or Banker depending on who you think will win the game. You can also bet that the game ends in a tie and that pays 8:1. A winning Player bet pays even money or 1:1 and a winning Dealer bet pays 11:10. The casino makes their money by the dealer winning the hand as they take a 5% commission from every winning bet.

The winning hand is determined by the cards drawn by both the Dealer and Player. All face cards count as Zero and Aces count as 1 point. All other cards are face value. At the end of the game the person (the Player or Banker) with the highest hand wins the game. If either the Dealer or Player are dealt a total of 8 or 9 on their first two cards this called a Natural and the hand ends there. If the player and banker both end the game with the same score it is a tie and the tie bet is paid off and the Player and Banker bets are returned as a push.

Play online baccarat at any of recommended casinos or if you want to play against a live dealer check out our live dealer baccarat casinos. In live baccarat you can watch the dealer in real time over a live streaming feed as he/she deals the cards and plays out the game. The USA live casinos we recommend also offer higher betting limits for Baccarat. Bet as much as $5000 per hand at the live casinos.

So whether you are new to Baccarat or a seasoned player, use any of our recommended casinos and have a great time. Good luck at the tables!

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